COVID-19 Update

Covid-19 has meant that the majority of Nimrod Classics and Concert Tours have not been able to go ahead as planned in 2020.  The coronavirus has affected our business and our lives just as it has yours so we understand that this is an unsettling time for everyone. As a responsible and caring company, we have been helping all our clients who have been affected as much as we possibly can and we will continue to do so. Our offices are open and the Nimrod team stand ready to answer your queries or to help in any way we can.

As always, our number one priority is the safety and well-being of our groups. We are committed to working with all our suppliers to ensure all rules and regulations issued by global and local governments are adhered to, giving you peace of mind that you can travel safely. At the same time, we are also implementing an additional level of safety checks for all suppliers based on our own requirements to ensure everyone is as safe as possible on all our tours post-Covid.

We also understand that current guidelines for teachers in school have been an additional challenge for you and it is for this reason that Nimrod made the decision in early September not to contact any group leaders as we think you have enough on your plate at the moment. You can rest assured, however, that Nimrod is here and will remain here to provide you with the high quality service you expect from us on your next tour whenever you are ready. 

Nimrod Festivals & Tours is a family-run company and we take great pride in the care and attention we lavish on every single one of our tours. We care passionately about ensuring your students have the best possible touring experience with us and we also care deeply about making the process as painless as we can for you as group leader. That lies at the core of what we do – it always has and it always will.

If your 2020/2021 tour is affected by Covid-19, we will do everything we possibly can to help find the best solution for your group. For all groups affected so far, we have issued either a full refund or the maximum cash refund possible without quibble. Unlike some operators, we have not relied on complicated legal arguments to try to avoid paying out refunds as we do not feel that is the right way to treat our clients.Nimrod Festivals & Tours has always treated every group with complete fairness and transparency and we will always do so.

I would like to thank personally all those group leaders who have contacted me over the last few months to express their support. Thank you for your support at a time we know has been uncertain and challenging for schools and we look forward to looking after you and your group on your next Nimrod tour soon.

Until then, keep safe.

Catherine Neale
Founder, Nimrod Festivals & Tours